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At Apex-Care Home Health, Inc., we aim to assist you in regaining optimal independence at home and in the society. Our occupational therapist makes use of the best techniques and practices in the industry that are applicable to your situation.

With the professional expertise and help from our occupational therapist, we can evaluate your situation better and know the right approach to achieve your personal therapy goals. We can also recommend various innovative yet safe techniques to help you with daily living. Therapies include, but are not limited to:

  • Minimizing Risk of Injuries and Health Complications
  • Reducing Strains through Work Simplification
  • Energy Management and Conservation
  • Coaching on Practices to Promote Work Safety
  • Coordination Enhancement
  • Coping Strategies to Overcoming Disability
  • Prosthetic Devices Fitting for Amputees
  • Exercises in Restoring Work Skills
  • Coordinating Progressive Skills Recovery Program
  • Chronic Pain Management

Most importantly, we will assess the success of the therapy plan to check if the goals have been met.

Engage our care today. For more info, you may reach us at 281-568-1146.